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CCME is a state-of-the-art machine shop, where advanced electronic cad and camware solutions work to enhance the performance of our high-tech, high-speed, and high-horsepower CNC milling and CNC turning equipment. CCME is a custom job shop, seasoned  in the art of machining critical features out of all forms and types of special alloys. Companies come to us for superior machining, especially on high temperature alloys, exotic steels, specialty metals, and super alloys used in corrosive or safety related environments. Our quality control program is well defined and is clearly written according to provisions stated under 10 CFR 50 Appendix B and 10 CFR Part 21,  nuclear regulations. Coming to CCME for fulfillment of your machining needs means "peace of mind" with our guarantee.  
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Idealy Located in the Heart of New England
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CCME, Inc. is committed to meeting all the requirements as  agreed to on every purchase order. 
What Scrap?
CCME is restricted by our quality manual to ship any part found non-conforming without first receiving written approval by the customer for acceptance. 
For this reason, CCME strives hard to execute all processes strictly according to the procedures as written within our quality manual and this is why parts are seldom lost. 
Mazak Slant 80 w/Steady Rest
42" Max. Swing Diameter
Our Newest Addition!