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A.K.A. C&C Metals Engineering, Inc. or CCME 
 Call Now: 508-954-3806
About CCME 
Prime Location    
Town of West Boylston
State of Massachusetts
Heart of New England 
USA/United States of America   

Plant Capacity
40,000 sf facility 
8,000 sf of office space
32,000 sf of manufacturing space

40 employees     
Cross trained and retrained annually  
Decades of combined machining experience 

Recent Investments 
Integrated Business Software  
Cad and Cam Wares    
Mazak Turn/Mill Integrex Machines   
Coordinate Measuring Machine to 80" 
Certified Tools and Gauges 
Climate Controls  
Peterbilt Delivery Truck  

Around The Clock Operation
Manufacturing: Monday-Thursday
Office: To Noon Time on Friday

Contact Us
CCME was established in 1988 and remains a one stop contract manufacturing solution for many industrial companies across the nation.  

Over the past 30 plus years CCME has established a team of dedicated people with decades of combined experience who take pride in working smart for repeat business.         

Our number one goal is to serve and protect our customers by responding quickly to all customer requests and securing customer intellectual properties with CMMC incorporated controls.              

We hope you enjoy your experience with us!