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Precision Machining you can count on in the USA
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 Bearing Housings Machined Complete

CCME has vast experience machining bearing housings for a wide range of industrial equipment manufacturers across the nation. 
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Part Weight Range

Competitive Volume Guide

Raw Material Forms

Typical Materials

Geometry & Tolerances

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Machining Process

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Shipping Procedure

Territories Served
Bearing Housings - Steel Housings - Bearing Supports, Bearing Blocks
Shaft Supports - Shaft Support Blocks - Steel Shaft Support Blocks

20 lbs. - 4000 lbs.

1 pc over 200 lbs., 2-20 pc's 100-200 lbs., 20 or more pc's over 20 lbs. 

Castings, Solid Bar, Plate Stock, Forgings

Aluminums, Stainless Steel, Bronze, Specialty Alloys​

Concentricity 0.001", True Position 0.001", Flatness 0.0005"

High Spindle Speed, High Horse Power, Coolant through Tooling

Mill seems, drill and thread bolt holes, assemble top and bottom, turn critical bearing diameters and grooves, finish mill parimeter features on horizontal. 

Certificate of Compliance Shipped with Parts or Inspection as Required

Protect each assembly as necessary, palletize, or crate as needed.  

Massachusetts, Connecticut, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Ohio.
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