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Material Grades

Precision Machining you can count on in the USA
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​Precision CNC Machining of Common to Exotic Alloys
A514, A517
ABS Ship Building Steels
Aermet 100, 310, and 340
Alloy 20
Low Alloy Steels including D6AC, 300M, 256A
ASTM A500, grades A,B,C,D
ASTM A53 (all types)
ASTM A297 Cast Steel (All grades)
ASTM A743 Cast Steel (All grades)
Carbon Steels (All carbon steel) 
Free Machining Steels (All types)
Hardened Steel
  Material Grades We Commonly Machine
Microalloyed Steel
SAF 2205 also known as 22Cr duplex
SAF 2507 also known as 25Cr duplex
Aluminum (All grades & forms)
Chromium, Cobalt, and Copper
Monel (All trade names)
Stainless Steels (All SAE grades)
Hastelloy, Inconel, Nimonic and Waspaloy
Tin Alloys:
Bronze and Aluminum Bronze
Titaniums (All grades)
Tool Steels (All grades)
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